Presentation Boxes 

Presentation boxes is where it all began for International Packaging Brands. We use a selection of rigid board for our bespoke boxes.

If you are not sure on what box you would like to order then please feel free to look at some of the previous boxes we have produced in the past on the different categorised bars to the left. You can see these are broken down into different styles we can make.

Base and Lid, Round Box, Hinged Box, Shoulder Box, Heart box, Oval box 

The board we use is 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm thickness, or as some people may know it as 1000 micron, 1500 micron and 2000 micron board. We use a standard White Lined or Black Lined Board to produce our boxes.

Information you need to know when ordering from us 

When getting in contact with us for a quote their are a couple of steps you can take in order to make the process easier.

We would need to know the following:
-What Style of box you want? (Base with Lid, Round Box, Hinged Box, Shoulder Box, Heart Box, Oval Box)
-What Size you require the box to be? (Length x Width x Depth)
-What add-ons you may want? (Card platform, Foam Insert, Satin Lining, Ribbon, Thumbcuts)

-How many boxes you require? 

-You would also need to advise if there will be any artwork on the box?
(We have a selection of processes that we can use in order to achieve the artwork you want out onto the box. (1 or 2 Colour Foil Blocking, Digital Print or Litho Print) 
If you are unsure then please call one of our sales assisstance and they should be able to advise you what the best solution would be. 

If you have any other questions you want answered then please feel free to call us on
01206 911600. 

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