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International Packaging Brands was founded in the summer of 2015. IPB has a wealth of knowledge in rigid box making and currently uses Slovakia as the main place of production. Slovakia have been providing rigid boxes since 2008 and they have a managerial staff with over 10 years of rigid box making experience. 
International Packaging Brands is always looking for new opportunities to expand its business and as of 2015 it incorporated the Flowerbox Store to its organisation. 

The Brands

I suppose you are all wondering what the story is behind the name International Packaging Brands?

The main idea and focus of the Director was to integrate a collection of packaging businesses that were already established within the market. In the Winter of 2015 we added the Flowerbox Store to the organisation. Furthermore in the Winter of 2015 we also added the well known company of Boxperfect. 

You will find the websites of these businesses below. 


Boxperfect is a leading manufacturer and designer of presentation boxes and gift boxes, they have been creating bespoke presentation packaging since 1885. Some people may have previously known them as Maurice Fish packaging. 

Maurice Fish

Maurice Fish Packaging design and manufacture high quality boxes that undoubtedly will help to promote your product or to present your gift or award with great effect. Whatever the occasion, our many years of design experience will help you to achieve the best results.

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